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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Family Sponsorship Program

In addition to our very successful “waiting child grant” program for international orphans, Reece’s Rainbow, as a 501c3 adoption grant and advocacy foundation, also provides an opportunity for committed families to continue their fundraising efforts through our Family Sponsorship Program (FSP).


“Fundraising” is a verb, which means an “action word”, which means hard work is required!   Your fundraising success in our FSP program directly correlates to your own efforts!  Rarely does full funding just “fall in your lap”.  God expects you to do your part!   Donations from friends, family, church, colleagues, etc are tax deductible and are made to your FSP fund on behalf of the child.   Having funds already saved up is a great way to start.  But yard sales, Pampered Chef parties, restaurant nights, church fundraisers, and social media campaigns are all great ways to encourage donations.    Our Facebook Group is a great place to get other ideas as well.  Once your home study is complete, you should be prepared to apply to multiple grant and loan foundations to meet your funding needs. 


Please, PLEASE read through the information on this page carefully prior to submitting your application — lots of important details are listed here!

Funds from our grants are available to you after you have been invited to travel by the foreign officials, and are exclusively available for international adoptions.  Qualified uses for these funds would be airfare, agency fees due at that time, in country expenses, and other related expenses.  Funds are NOT available to help with upfront costs such as home study, USCIS, notary/apostille, mailing, translation, dossier submission, initial agency fees, etc.

With your submitted application and FSP donation of $25, we will set up your FSP profile.  You will receive an email, when the FSP is published on the website; this is your cue that it is okay to announce your commitment to a particular child!

  • All children posted on our site are eligible for inclusion in our FSP program.
  • If a child was listed on Reece’s Rainbow as a waiting child, the family may apply for that child’s waiting grant and an FSP (family support program profile) up until their court date.
  • For families adopting a SN child not listed on our site confirmation from your child placing agency is required prior to accepting your application.
  • If a child was NOT listed on Reece’s Rainbow as a waiting child, the family may apply for an FSP for fundraising up until their dossier has been submitted to the foreign country. If the dossier has already been submitted, the family will not be eligible to submit an application for further family fundraising.
  • You are welcome to use whatever agency or independent facilitator you choose.  We do have recommended adoption partners available to serve you for all of the children currently listed on our site.
  • There are no faith-based restrictions on our grant funds.
  • You must be actively engaged  in or have an approved home study from a licensed home study agency.  Reece’s Rainbow reserves the right to request a copy of the completed homestudy at any time prior to grant disbursement.
  • You must have *funds in hand* to pay for the initial costs prior to commitment:  home study, USCIS application, upfront agency fees, documentation (approx $5000).
  • You must carry *private health insurance* that will cover the adopted child immediately upon finalization of the adoption, with no pre-existing conditions restrictions and no delay in eligibility waiting for a COC or SSN.  Families who are members in Samaritan Ministries must have written approval from SMI *for that child and their specific needs* prior to a commitment.
  • There is a $25 application fee, to be submitted with the application forms, either by check or PayPal (button below).  We respectfully request a love offering of $250; this gift goes to our Voice of Hope fund, which keeps us operational.  Reece’s Rainbow functions entirely on private donations to serve these children!
  • If your HS is not approved, or something changes in your family and prevents you from being able to continue, your $25 application fee and $250 love offering is non-refundable.  The donations your child earned in your sponsorship account will be remain as a GRANT for that particular child, in an effort to locate another adoptive family quickly.
  • Funds are first disbursed directly to your travel & child placing agencies, and any remaining funds are sent to you personally via PAYPAL (no fees!) to take as cash to pay your in country teams and travel expenses.  Checks can also be sent, but PayPal is fastest.
  • For CHINA adoptions ONLY:  When LOA (Letter of Acceptance) is received from China, the family can request a check be sent from their grant funds to their placement agency.  The funds may *ONLY* go to the agency, towards the fees owed.  The remainder of grant funds will be disbursed to the family when Travel Approval is received, and may be used for any other adoption expenses.
  • Families can get a list of donor names upon request from Michelle.  Families will also receive a spreadsheet of donors/disbursements for their records when the adoption is complete.
  • Reece’s Rainbow  has no control over how much is donated to your family’s sponsorship fund.
  • Should your intended child become unavailable at any time during the process (adopted domestically, taken into foster care, adopted by a family outside of RR, or passes away), funds can be transferred for you to adopt another international waiting child with special needs.
  • Regrettably, families who have had a revoked home study and/or a rescinded USCIS approval *for any reason* are not eligible to apply for grant funds through Reece’s Rainbow.
  • Reece’s Rainbow does, in all good faith, provide the most accurate information about each child as it is given to us by partner adoption agencies.  We can not be held liable or accountable for any changes in a child’s status.
  • Please join us on Facebook!  We have a wonderful community for support and information.
If you and your family meet these criteria, please follow these instructions:

1)  Download an application (4 forms), for your review:

 ** Please do not SUBMIT this application until you have read through this page and spoken to a New Family Liaison and your licensed agency partner first **

Mac users:  there have been issues getting the completed forms to save; please contact Michelle for Word doc versions of these forms if necessary.

The Application Contract and the Social Worker Form are BOTH required, completed in their entirety, for a completed application to set up an FSP.  The Family Bio is needed to set up the FSP; it can be submitted on the below Word doc, or written in email.  The Estimated Expense form is due prior to grant disbursement.  

Please submit forms electronically via e-mail to Michelle, or by fax when possible. 

Application Contract

Family Bio for FSP

– Social Worker Preliminary Contact Form   (this form is submitted by your social worker; please be sure to get it to them)

– Estimated Expense Form (this form needs to be submitted before grant funds are disbursed)

2)  Please submit your application fee and love offerings here (or mail a check):


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