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guardianangelAurora (1)

Girl, born May 2003
Brain Damage

At the orphanage Aurora likes to lead the younger girls. She will hold their hands and take them to play on the slide. When the children want to play on the trampoline, they will always call their “big sister,” and she will happily lift them up to play.Aurora (2)

She has a strong ability to be self-sufficient. She likes to wash her own socks. When she speaks, the sound is not very clear, but each time after she finishes washing her things, she will run to the nanny and say, “Nanny, I am done washing, are they clean?” The nanny will pat her cheek and tell her how great she is, and she will happily hang the things out to dry.

The orphanage sent Aurora to a special education school to attend class. When she first went to the school, she was not very used to it and she didn’t talk much with the other children. With the teacher’s help, she started to slowly try to talk to her classmates. Because her pronunciation was unclear, she would use gestures when she spoke to help explain. It wasn’t long before she started to like going to school. She learned with her classmates and always participated actively in their games. She worked very hard and always earned the teachers’ praise. After class, she would take the initiative to set out the tables and chairs, and she would neatly put her school supplies in her schoolbag. She is a little girl who loves cleanliness. Each morning she makes her own bed and cleans up her area.

Now Aurora has grown even prettier and she is especially polite. When she sees a nanny, she will say “Hello, Nanny!” on her own initiative. She particularly likes to wear pretty skirts and twirl around, and she will always praise herself, saying, “Nanny, I am so pretty!” She is a hard-working girl, and although the clarity of her speech isn’t very good, she is very diligent. Each morning when she wakes up, she will read her lessons aloud, and if there is a part she doesn’t understand, she will ask the teacher. At school if she earns rewards of red flowers, beaded necklaces, or pencils, she will share with the other children on her own initiative.

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