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Nigel Photo 2 rec. 12-3-12

Nigel Photo 2 Oct-2014Nigel Photo 2 rec. 12-3-12Nigel was born prematurely at 29 weeks gestation in February of 2007, weighing 1500g. At the age of two months, Nigel was diagnosed with hypertensive syndrome and deformation of the head. A neurologist has also stated that his cerebellum is small and that is why he had some problems with coordination (in the past).

Nigel was brought to the orphanage when he was 5 months old and lived with his parents until that time. At the orphanage his issues with coordination improved and at present there are no concerns. He is able to walk, run and is very active. After being placed in the orphanage it was also found that he has a hearing impairment. He has not had a full hearing screen but it has been suggested that his impairment is rather severe. His caretakers are apprehensive of anesthesia needing to be used to check the issue further and will wait to see if there are other options. Nigel also has vision impairment, but he does not wear glasses at this time as he ends up breaking them. He is described as a happy boy, who is also very neat. He does not like when something is not in its place or the table is dirty or his clothes are dirty. He lets the caretakers know about it and ask them to clean it. He does not speak and does not say sounds, but is able to let his caretakers know what he wants by gestures. He loves going outside and is also very friendly.

Update October 2014: Despite wearing hearing aids, Nigel continues to be nonverbal. He is homeschooled at his orphanage where he feels more comfortable than in a public school setting. In unfamiliar or stressful situations, Nigel exhibits stubbornness and aggression. His social worker believes that he would make progress in a dedicated family.

Additional photos and video are available upon request from the agency.

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