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Girl, Feb 2007
Right side hemiparesis; Right side muscular tension high


Sadie arrived at the institute when she was around 1 year old. In the beginning, she did not have a set sleeping schedule and her actions were uncoordinated. Her two hands would form fists. After 2 months, she could turn from supine to a prone position, produce basic sounds and move her head to follow a sound. On the third month after she arrived at our institute, she could sit when supported under her arm. Her eyes could follow the movement of toys and she could find the source of a noise. She understood when a caretaker calls her name. At 2 years old, she could waik while using the walker and crawl around on the bed. At 3 years old, she could walk while holding onto the wall. At 4 years old, she could walk and go up and downstairs by herself. But because of high tension on her right side, her balance is off when she is walking. When she walks too fast, she is prone to tripping. She is currently attending preschool and likes to play with the other children. She is especially excited by toys that can move or make sounds. She recognizes basic words and can engage in basic conversation with others.

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