abner-2015Boy, born December 2009Abner
Diagnosis:  after-effects of general disease of the central nervous system (neuroinfection); spastic tetraparesis with strong motor disorders; general mental delays, including speech underdevelopment; undescended testicles; shortcut frenulum of tongue; convergent squint

UPDATE DECEMBER 2014:  “Abner is a happy little boy who does not speak but whose facial expressions are easy to read. Those expressions are generally of joy, especially when he is given love and attention. Occasionally I would see a different expression, one that would break my heart. At 5 years old Abner is spending a lot of time in a wheelchair, unable to participate in playing with the kids around him, and the look of “I want to play too!” on his face broke my heart. When he had the opportunity to participate in playtime he always looked very happy and proud of himself. This sweet little boy needs a family who will be able to help him to reach his full potential!”

From a volunteer who visited with him in July 2014: “Abner has been transferred from the baby orphanage to an institution. He looks fine for now, but I wasn’t able to personally interact with him because of the nurses. He has quite a normal size for his age, compared to the other children in his group. I’m not sure if I was able at that moment to make a sane judgement call about that, but compared to the others he was doing quit well physically. I hope someone will take him home before he has to get worse. I’ve seen most of the children in that facility get worse through the years, so please, someone go get him!

Elinor, Devora, Isolde, Julia,  Sullivan, Artemur, Duane, Abner and Irina may all be in the same region.

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