AURA LEE for the Henry family — WA

We are Jacki & Michael Henry. We have raised 5 very successful adult children whom have their own families and lives going on.. We have adopted 3 children. We were Foster Parents for 15 years to medically fragile infants and toddlers. It has been heavy on my heart to adopt a child internationally. Since our 18 year old daughter was adopted from Eastern Europe, this is where we were focused on.

We found a very vibrant little girl who was transferred to an adult mental hospital and in almost no time she is no longer a vibrant child. She is in fact dying. We have made the decision that Aura Lee will come home to us and be as vibrant as she can be again.

We are going to be doing fund raisers and open to donations to bring this precious child home as quickly as possible. Every penny will be spent on the homestudy and legal fees and country fees to bring Aura Lee home.


$893.73 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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