GINNY for the Allen family — AL

Jake and Jada Allen have been married for just over two years. Although they do not have any children yet, they do have four dogs that they consider their family. Jake and Jada met straight out of high school and got married around two years later. Jake works as a district manager and Jada is a teacher in a special needs classroom.

They have both always dreamed of growing their family through adoption, but thought it would be later on in life as they are both very young. Jake is just 24 and Jada is just 23. They have both always known friends and family that have adopted internationally as well and were familiar with the process. One day a friend of Jada’s shared some waiting children on her Facebook profile from Asia. While Jake and Jada were not old enough yet to adopt from Asia, this really sparked Jada’s desire to begin the process of adoption.

After talking with Jake, they decided to reach out to the agency to officially begin the adoption process. Due to their young age, one country was the best fit for them. At first they wanted to go the traditional route because it usually takes a longer time and would have given them time to save up money and prepare to become first time parents. They both took a look at the waiting child list and immediately found their daughter.

They are matched to a three-year-old little girl who will shortly be turning four years old. Although she faces multiple medical problems, she is smiling and happy in all of her pictures and videos. Jake and Jada did a medical review with the International Adoption Clinic and the doctor described their little girl as one who has already defeated all of the odds.

Jake and Jada have taken a great leap of faith in adopting internationally but they know that God will provide to bring their little girl home. They greatly appreciate you for taking the time to read their story and your consideration of a tax-deductible donation to their adoption fund. Please continue to pray for them as they get ready to become first-time parents to their beautiful little girl.


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