KAILA and CONNIE for the Adair family — MN

 photo fwbutton150.pngadair-girlsadair-famJacob and Rebecca are the couple that everyone looks up to and inspires to be because they know each other so well and have the most open communication. Rebecca is very sweet and caring. Jacob is very supportive and understanding. They met online when Rebecca was 18 and Jacob was 19. Instantly there was a strong connection between the two and they got married in 2006. Their relationship grew and they had 4 beautiful girls but felt their family was destined for more as they grew by 3 more girls last year. Jacob and Rebecca’s strengths to support their growing family are through their faith and dedication to God and their family. Their weakness is the same as any family that has seen the inside of an orphanage; that their hearts are forever burdened with the never ending suffering of orphans that will never know the love of a mother and father. They strongly feel led to the ministry of adoption even more now that they have seen first hand how amazing adoption can be when they brought home 3 beautiful sisters from Ukraine in 2016. Overall, they feel their adoption experience has been one of the best as their girls have integrated into their family so easily thanks to the ministry staff and other orphanage staff who did an amazing job preparing them for a life with a family to love and support them forever. This next trip they intend to add two more wonderful girls (biological sisters) into their ever expanding and loving home. Patiently waiting for their days to travel, they need all the help and support possible to bring these girls home and welcome them to a lifetime of family, friendship, and happiness.

7/10/2017–APPT on AUGUST 7

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