PAULY for the Shea-Dupuis family — CA

paulyBrian Dupuis and Jennifer Shea met through mutual friends and began dating over 12 years ago. They both fell in love with each other’s honesty, humor, and love of life. They were married almost 9 years ago in a beautiful church just down the street from where Jennifer had grown up.

Brian and Jennifer have always realized that they were incredibly blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. They always knew that they had a lot to give… the couple had talked about adoption off and on for a few years and had even looked at a few adoption sites over those years, but they had never felt that it was the time to act. However, this past December when Jennifer saw a little boy “Pauly” on the Reece’s Rainbow website, she felt an instant connection. For the next several days she woke up thinking about him, he popped into her head at random times throughout the day, and she went to bed praying that he felt safe and loved- and that he would find a family soon. After sharing her experience with her husband, he agreed that it was time to move forward.

Although the couple does not currently have any children of their own, they have many amazing nieces, nephews, and godchildren who they adore. And with the most supportive family and friends by their side, they cannot wait to bring their adopted child into their extended family filled with unconditional love!

2/10/18 — COURT PASSED

$29.85 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Pauly has received a $18 Waiting Child Grant.