This June 9 we celebrate 14 YEARS OF SERVICE!

Reece’s Rainbow is FOURTEEN years old!


This is your donations and advocacy in action!

Thank you for being a part of Reece’s Rainbow!

We’ve had such an amazing 14 years, seeing more than 2,150 children’s lives redeemed through the miracle of adoption!

For our anniversary, LAST YEAR, we gave Reece’s Rainbow a fresh face! Our logo!

We often were asked how it is that the three odd shaped stripes were a rainbow, so this year, we decided to make our logo an actual rainbow.

Childlike to represent our focus being on serving our waiting children, but with the same bold and bright colors that have become ‘our’ colors.

Our commitment and priority has not changed, nor will it waver in the slightest.

Going forward we wanted to make our logo and our first impression easily understood from the first look.

2016 Cover

Be sure to share Reece’s Rainbow by having our official brochures available for your fundraising events, churches, school groups, etc. Your donation to help with the cost of printing and mailing is much appreciated!

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If you need brochures asap, you CAN download and print our pdf version of it. Click the image above and it will open the pdf file of the current brochure!




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