Girl, Age: 11
Country Code: E-11
Region: Europe
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Global Developmental Delay with Mild Intellectual Disability, as well as Mild Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Listed: Feb 2024
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Lauren shines with a warmth that is immediately felt by everyone she meets. Her sweet and easy-going nature makes her quick to bond with both children and adults alike. An inquisitive soul, Lauren’s curious mind draws her to be a helping hand around the home, eagerly participating in day-to-day activities and showcasing a commendable level of independence in her daily routines.

Gifted with considerable communication abilities, Lauren also brings a touch of uniqueness through her passion for dance, expressing herself with joy and confidence in every hip-hop move. This lively interest in the arts highlights her outgoing and engaging personality, which endears her to both peers and adults.

While Lauren delights in being the center of attention and thrives in communal settings, like many children, she’s learning to channel her exuberant impulsivity into positive interactions. Her journey has been one of beautiful transformation. Through consistent support and exposure to stable role models, Lauren has made impressive strides in mastering self-regulation, although the support offered by her environment has its limitations.

The diligent teamwork of dedicated caregivers underlines the progress Lauren has made and underscores the need for continuity in nurturing her personal growth. Particularly crucial is the ongoing dialogue helping Lauren reconcile her emotions regarding her biological family background and shape her aspirations for the future.

Lauren dreams of being part of a forever family—a family eager to provide her with the love, stability, and support she deserves. A family that can offer her a unique place in their hearts and home, affirming her worth and fostering her continued growth, emotionally, socially, and academically.