VIKA for the Koenig family–GA

 Abe and Corrie Koenig were both born and raised in Germany.  They lived across the street from each other and started their relationship as best friends.  Little did they know that God had prepared them to spend the rest of their lives together as a family.  They both came to the States to attend a Christian College since there are no Christian Colleges to attend in Germany.  After a year and a half of studying, they got married in Germany and then returned to finish their degrees.  God allowed them to remain in the States, and they now live in Georgia.  Abe is an artist, but works as a truck driver, and Corrie is a stay-at-home/self-employed mom.   Corrie worked as a nanny for a wonderful family for over five years and loved every moment with this special family.  They both always dreamed of being parents, but this seemed to be a very hard task to achieve for them.  Abe reached the point where he was sure that they would start their family through adoption, while Corrie was sure that God would give them biological children.  After eight years of marriage, the Lord blessed them with their first biological daughter, conceived without any medical help ­- in the doctors' eyes impossible, but in their eyes a miracle.  Within less than four years, God allowed them to become the parents of four beautiful little girls, Annalee (age 6), Elliana (age 4), Amarissa (age 3), and Ammadea (age 2).  Along the way, they discovered that Annalee had a hearing loss and have had to help  her overcome many obstacles.  Elliana was born with strabismus and has needed one surgery and many, many hours of patching and vision therapy to help correct her vision.  Both of their precious "special" girls planted the seed for the desire to adopt a special needs child.  Although the desire to adopt a special needs child was there for a couple of years, they had no idea that God would bring Vika into their lives so soon.  God allowed Corrie to find Vika on another family's blog, who had adopted from the same orphanage and had to leave her behind.  Immediately upon seeing her precious face, they fell in love with her.  After much prayer, research, and sharing their desire with their families, God allowed them to move forward with the process of adopting her.  Abe and Corrie feel honored that God would choose them to become the parents of Vika and are committed to bringing her home to become a part of their family and receive the love and care she needs and deserves as quickly as possible.  Undoubtedly, there will be many obstacles to overcome along the way, but they are sure and have faith that God will provide EVERYTHING they need to be able to bring her home and give her all that she needs.  They are so grateful for Reece's Rainbow and their love for the many "special" children, the support of their family and friends, and for those who love Vika that they have never had the opportunity to meet!  They are excited to share their  journey with those that have loved her first.   You can follow along with their journey on their blog:   Ukraine















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