BARBARA (Chrissie) for the Patterson Family

barbara-2 barbarapattersonSERBIA

Chrissie is doing GREAT!  I cannot even explain what a joy she is.  I have never met a child who is as vibrant and joyful and funny as Miss Chrissie!!!  She is excited about life, and she is just so full of love that it amazes me into speechlessness!!!  They were able to get a stent into one of her vessels that is providing blood to her lungs, so her 02 sat increased a little.  She’ll have her open heart surgery in January, so until then, she’s good to go, and nothing slows her down.  Thank you so much for advocating for her.  She is such a blessing to our family.  We are ALL so head over heels in love with her!!!  She’s got her brothers wrapped around her finger so tightly that they can’t ever tell her no.  They’ll stop anything they’re doing to please Miss Chris!!!  We are just so very blessed.  Thank you!

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