NADYA for the Hills Family


Time sure does fly when you are having fun! It’s hard to believe that Nadia Hope has been home with us for just over a month now, wow!

Nadia has been such a tremendous blessing to our family. Several times a day I can?t help but think “Oh my, I love this little girl so much!” and just praise God for bringing her home to us.

Nadia has come a long way since she has arrived home. She came home very frightened of new people. While she is no longer terrified, she is not quick to go to just anyone. She is loved & spoiled by our 2 other children in our home (Yana-12 & Anthony-13) and will happily go to them. She is a Mama’s girl and will snuggle, kiss and hug Mama as much as her little body will let her but unfortunately, she has been much more hesitant to go to Papa. We are praying that Papa will soon know how it feels to hug and kiss his baby girl but for now, we are thankful that Nadia is no longer afraid of Papa. Nadia will lovingly interact with Papa and they will even take turns feeding one another Cheeze-Its; these are moments we treasure.

Nadia’s CP does not appear to be as severe as we had anticipated. While she is not yet walking, we are confident that once she is working with the physical therapist (beginning in the next week or so) she will have a walker of her own and will quickly be cruising along. We have great expectations for our sweet girl and even believe she will someday walk independently! She is a very smart girl and can already sing her ABCs!!  No matter what, we will forever love her and be so grateful that God brought her into our family in His perfect timing!