When we began our international adoption journey in March 2007, we never could have imagined the incredible blessings that the Lord had in store for our family. After committing to adopt our son Joshua from Uzbekistan, we began to feel the familiar nudge of the spirit that someone was still missing. From the first moment I laid eyes on our sweet Evan, I knew that he was the little boy that my heart had been searching for and that he was meant to be our son. We committed to adopt Evan in July 2007.  In November 2007, we traveled to Ukraine to complete his adoption and in December 2007 we welcomed him home to his forever family!

Our lives have been forever changed because of the gift of this beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, determined little boy! Evan has adjusted remarkably well to our family and we cannot imagine living life without him. He is thriving with the love of a family and with the medical intervention that he so desperately needed, but never would’ve received in Ukraine. His 1000-watt smile lights every corner of our lives and we thank our Heavenly Father each and every day for his beautiful and perfect plan that allowed us to make Evan a part of our hearts and our home.

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