Paige is home and doing wonderfully.  She has adjusted so well and we just cannot imagine what life was like before she came home.  Other than the “waiting”…we don’t miss that part one bit.  LOL  But, it was so worth it!  She has mastered using a sippy cup.  Whew….that took about a month, but then she got it.  She is trying to feed herself now and walking with assistance.  She is finally gaining some more weight so the doc is pleased.  She will always be a tiny little thing.  She is signing several words and even tried to say a few.  She just needs to muster up that confidence and she could do it.  One of my favorite times of the day is just after you put her to bed.  She does one of two things…begins to sing and “coo” herself to sleep, or chats with her sister, Sophie, in the crib next to hers.  They are so sweet together.  And Joy just loves being the big sister to both of them.  They are definitely “3 peas in a pod!”…with Joy as the BOSS.  Or so she thinks.  Paige is pretty spunky and now that she feels she has grounds (been here long enough) she tells Joy like it is.  :-)     She loves Barney and any music.  She can dance a “jig” with the best of them.  She is STILL a daddy’s girl, but sure does love to snuggle with Mommy…..which mommy eats right up.  The older kids have just fallen in love with her sweet nature and spunky spirit.  She is truly a blessing and we just cannot thank God enough for sending her to us.