Carol update 8 2013carol-updateGirl, born Sept 2010
Down syndrome

Carol  loves sitting and rocking on her hobby horse!  She is enjoys listening to music and rocking on her horse.  She can sit on the bed steadily and can stand with hands holding onto the bed rails.  Sometimes when she sees other children take her favorite toy she will try and take it back.

Update from Sept 2016: In May 2014, Carol went into the care of a foster family and has been living with them ever since. She is currently in kindergarten and has made big progress! Carol is happy, active, talkative, and cute. She can say many daily words. Some words are clear and some are not, but they are all understandable. Sometimes she will sing songs or count from 1 to 10 for her foster grandparents on the way home. After she goes home from school, she will change her shoes and put her school shoes in the cabinet. She will then tell her foster grandma what she wants to eat. She enjoys greeting her neighbors by saying “hello.” If she sees something she does not understand, she will ask her foster grandma, “Grandma, what is this?” When she wants to go out to play, she will tell her foster grandparents “go to play.” If you call her name, she will reply “I am…” or “Ah, what do you want?” If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you her full Chinese name. If you ask her some simple questions, she will reply. Carol’s motor skills are good. She can hold a pen to draw and can write “1.” After drawing, she will put away the pencils in the drawer.

Carol eats with a spoon and is very clean when eating. After eating, she will try to wash her dish. Carol is potty trained, but needs an adult to help her wipe. She loves music and specially loves singing and dancing when she hears music she likes. She has good social skills and is very attached to her foster grandparents. She gets along well with her foster sisters as well. Each night, she will ask her older foster sister to sleep with her. In the past, she would grab her foster sister’s pillow and play or tease her, but she doesn’t do that anymore. Carol’s foster grandma is more serious and her foster grandpa spoils her, so she prefers the foster grandpa and knows to ask him when she has requests. When guests come over, she will show her drawings to the guests. She does not like to eat vegetables, but does like to eat chicken legs and wings and is very clean when eating them. She also enjoys watermelon and bananas, but does not like sour fruit. Carol enjoys playing with her dolls, watching cartoons, and going outside with her foster grandparents. Carol has down syndrome, but is clearly quite high functioning. She couldn’t be doing better, but it’s definitely time she found a forever family of her own!

$3,208.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!