Joshua Manning and Allison Johnson, married 5 years and together significantly longer, have built a beautiful life for their small family which consists currently of one another and 4 beloved pets. The fun-loving couple enjoys weaving mini adventures into their daily lives and can’t wait to learn what type of fun their little one will enjoy most once she is home. Two years ago, when Josh and Allison decided it was the right time to grow their family, the couple began giving significant thought to the best way to do so. A year of exploration and research lead to the conclusion that adoption was the right path for them. The couple then found “S”. She was ‘the one.’

Over the next year Josh and Allison completed significant preparations for her arrival and feel so fortunate to have been able to spend so much time creating a home and life specifically around her needs.

Josh and Allison would love to thank everyone who has played a role in supporting their daughter’s journey home. “You are such an important piece to this puzzle,” say Josh and Allison to their friends, family, and supportive community members. “We could not be more grateful that you are a part of our lives.”

9/11/2023 — AWAITING COURT

$546.71 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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