Steven and Andrea are growing their family with adoption. Married on March 12, 2011, Steven and Andrea decided to pursue adoption to grow their family due to fertility issues. The Winner’s adopted their son five years ago from China and now they are adding one more to their family, this time from Bulgaria. Originally planning to adopt again from China, those plans were derailed with China not opening the adoption program back up. After waiting a few months the Winner’s decided to go with Bulgaria.

Adoption is a long process and not without its challenges. From paperwork, finances, and making hard choices. There are many waiting kids who all need loving family’s and out of the lists the Winner’s have identified a child on and are excited to be taking the next steps to be officially matched.

The Winner’s son Samuel is excited about having a sibling and can’t wait to travel and teach his new sibling everything he knows.

With the homestudy and dossier done and translated the process should be relatively quick. The Winner’s will have 2 trips, the second one being pickup. They estimate that their second trip will take place some time in the summer. Great time to travel but expensive. They welcome donations to help them bring their son home.

5/9/2023 — TRIP ONE in LATE MAY

$2,887.80 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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