A GIRL for the Mounteer family — AZ

It started with a dream. Four years ago, Amber had a beautiful, vivid dream about a little girl named Aurora. She awoke with the strong impression that their family wasn’t complete. Over the next couple of years, Amber couldn’t shake the feeling or forget the image of that little girl. She and Jon knew that they were meant to have another child. In 2020 they suffered a devastating miscarriage but had faith that God had a plan for them. Through an angel friend, they found Reece’s Rainbow and knew that adoption was their answer. While searching the site, they stumbled upon the image of “Aurora.” With tears in her eyes, Amber turned to Jon and said, “We found our little girl.” Amber and Jon have been married for 22 years and have four beautiful children, two of whom are thriving adults. Their eldest, Emma (20) married a year ago, and Jon and Amber happily welcomed their new son-in-law, Hyrum to the family. The other children, Ryker (18) Haylie (16), and Lincoln (12) are bright and happy teenagers.

All of their children share Jon and Amber’s excitement about this new little sister. Amber has spent her career working with children who have special needs, and Jon is a computer coder. They prioritize spending time as a family and especially love being outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring. In addition, the family has been learning Aurora’s home country culture and language, to prepare themselves to make little Aurora feel more at home. Thank you for supporting Jon and Amber in their adoption journey, they are humbled and grateful for every donation that will help make their dream become a reality and light Aurora’s way home to her forever family.

11/21/2023 — TRAVELING for COURT in DEC

The Mounteer family has met their matching grant! 

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