Whilst adopting our daughter with special needs from abroad, we were privileged to meet and fall in love with many beautiful children with Down Syndrome in her orphanage.

The conditions they have to endure, even against children with minor or no special needs are terrible, and we decided that when we came back, we would try and help as many children with Down Syndrome as possible who are waiting to be adopted find their forever homes. We spent five months in the orphanage with our five year old son, and he decided he wanted to do a bake sale to help his new friends from the orphanage when he came home to the United Kingdom.

His school is kindly allowing us to host a bake sale on World Down Syndrome Day to celebrate the special friends he met, and help him raise awareness and funds for this very important cause.

We will also be donating 10% of everything we sell through our business (minimumworld.com) on World Down Syndrome Day to help a family adopt one of these beautiful children.

The Griffiths family

$875.00 has been donated to this fundraiser

A list of donors will be provided to the Griffith family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email Michelle@ReecesRainbow.org