CAROLINE for the Umstead family — PA

We are the Umstead family and we are so excited to add Caroline to our family! I am Heather and my husband is Tom. We have been married 26 years and have 4 biological children, 3 boys and a girl. One adopted son, and are in the process of bringing Caroline home to our family. Our biological children are all grown up and all but one are out on their own. That’s when God put adoption in our hearts. December 4th 2017 we traveled to Asia and brought home our son Samuel. Samuel has doubled the joy in our family! While we were in Asia we met Caroline who happened to be Samuel’s “bunk mate”. They had been together a long time and cuddled together during the cold nights because there wasn’t heat in their orphanage. We knew that one day we would return for her and we will name her Joy! The joy God has allowed us to experience on this journey, that is hard and sometimes ugly but also full of love and joy at sometimes.


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