Boy, born 2017
Down syndrome

Listed: April 2019

Bradley is a sweet baby who delights in exploring the toy shelf. He is quick to pick out his favorite toys and grab them off the shelf. He was born with Down syndrome but no other noted medical issues. Bradley is a happy little baby who loves to be cuddled. Like most babies with Down syndrome Bradley is delayed in many areas but he is making impressive progress. He is crawling and cruising on furniture. He can even walk a few steps independently. He loves to imitate sounds and is now able to say a few words. Even though he is still very young he is already understanding what his nannies are saying to him and following simple directions. Bradley is ready from some excitement and nothing is going to hold him back!

Bradley is ready to meet every challenge with a smile. Will you be there to help him?

$1,228.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!