MARSHALL for the Kincinas family — IL

Sheryl and John met while supporting adults with disabilities, most of whom have Down syndrome, and married five years later. Early into their relationship, they were committed to adopting a child with Down syndrome. That plan was put on hold when their second child was born with Down syndrome. He was closely followed by his little brother. Tragically, their middle son passed away suddenly after his fourth birthday.

John and Sheryl again recommitted to parenting a child with Down syndrome, and brought home a Reece’s Rainbow child with Down syndrome in February of 2018. They tried to bring home another little boy at the same time, but rule changes went into effect which prohibited this plan. A vow was made that, if everyone in their family was adjusting well from the adoption, they would go back for the other boy. And the time has come!

The Kincinas family is excited to travel back to Asia this summer to bring home Marshall. He has been in their hearts for nearly two years and they are eager to have him in their arms. Their kids are thrilled to have another sibling to run around with, and are looking forward to another adventure in Asia.They thank everyone who has advocated and prayed for Marshall and appreciate any financial help that is given.

9/13/2019 — TRAVELING in OCTOBER

$5,656.95 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Marshall has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.