Dennis and Tia Azevedo have been happily married for nearly 3 years now and have a your’s, mine and ours family – three beautiful children. Tia was one of those orphans they called “the crib babies of Romania”. By the grace of God, she was adopted by an American family and given a beautiful chance to live. Many were not!

Adoption has been a part of Tia’s life for several years as her family adopted internationally several times, so special needs and adoption is not a new thing for her. When Tia was very young, she thought everyone was adopted. As Tia grew, she realized how unique and special it was to be chosen and she wore it like a badge of honor

When Dennis and Tia married, they spoke of having a one or two biological children and then adopting. After the very terrible and almost life-threatening birth of their daughter Isabel who was born between 34/35 weeks gestation, they decided not to risk another pregnancy and they kept adoption on their radar. A few months after Isabel’s birth Tia had a hysterectomy because of some health issues pertaining to her pregnancy and delivery.

Tia started to look on Reece’s Rainbow daily, praying and then she fell across a sweet girl and shared her with Dennis and they immediately knew that she belonged in their family!

They are excited to start this journey of adopting their own sweet “orphan” who is soon to be called “daughter”.

Keep thy heart in all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

9/20/2019 – AWAITING COURT

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