BLAKELY for the Felmlee family — CO

Cortney and Nikki have been together 10 years and are happily married with four children! In 2016 they felt their family was not yet complete and embarked on the journey of adoption. In 2017, they brought home their beautiful daughter Gracie! Within 2 months of having her home they found out multiple lifelong diagnoses, which was produced by a chromosome disorder, called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. For a year Gracie was in and out of Children’s hospitals and went through 7 surgeries, and now lives with oxygen and a g-tube, along with 24-hour care, but she does it all with the biggest smile ever! Watching Gracie power through her medical and physical differences, the Felmlee’s have felt blessed to be part of her life!

So, once again, the Felmlee’s are embarking on the journey back to China for their soon to be daughter, Blakely June! They have been so blessed by Gracie there is no way they could ignore this tug back to China! The second they seen Blakely’s they knew she was their daughter! They rushed to finish their homestudy and after a long month of waiting they finally had her file! Cortney and Nikki are excited to be bringing Blakely home in this summer, 2019! They feel she will fit right in as she is rocking an extra chromosome and is only 6 months younger than Gracie! Together Gracie and Blakely will make for the perfect set of sisters for their 3 big brothers!!!


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Blakely has received a $15,000 grant from RODS Racing.