OLIVIA for the Cook family — MN

Jenny & Shad have been married for 17 years. They began the adoption process two years ago after Jenny’s work with orphaned and abandoned children in Romania opened their hearts to adopting internationally. Things moved slowly at first as they tackled the mountain of paperwork, education, evaluations, and appointments. But as they accomplished each step, the process began picking up speed. The day after being approved by the adoption officials in India, Jenny & Shad were matched with their daughter! Their sweet girl has a radiant smile, a joyful laugh, and has been described as spunky and strong. She has waited several years for her family to find her, so Jenny & Shad are working diligently to complete their finals steps without delay. They cannot wait to meet their daughter in person and are excited to bring her home to the amazing family and friends who anxiously await her arrival. Jenny & Shad are thankful for the support and encouragement they have been shown during this daunting process. They also appreciate the wonderful individuals who have cared for, sponsored, and prayed for their daughter during the years she was listed as a waiting child. They are deeply grateful for the love and hope you all have shared.


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Olivia has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.