A Girl for the Hoppe family — WI

Kelly and Chad live in Madison, WI, with their 2 year old daughter, who is living with significant special needs. Chad works as a rural carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and Kelly is a stay at home parent. They’ve been together 3 years, and married for 2.

Early in their relationship, they knew that adoption would someday become a part of their family story. At 21, Kelly was diagnosed with a medical condition that often leads to infertility. That following summer, she spent a month volunteering in Russia, where she witnessed firsthand the needs of children around the world who are waiting for forever families. Afterward, she knew that she wanted to adopt internationally someday. In 2016, Chad and Kelly’s daughter came as a huge surprise to them! While they briefly considered fertility treatments after not being able to conceive a second child, they decided to instead pursue their dream of international adoption.

One night, while looking through their agency’s waiting child listing, Kelly came across a 2 year old girl from Eastern Europe who intrigued her. After receiving her file, Kelly and Chad couldn’t stop looking at her photos and videos. This precious girl has so much life and determination in her, in spite of her numerous challenges. Many of her needs are similar to their daughter’s, so they knew that they would be well equipped to care for her.

They have stepped out in faith to commit to this child, knowing that they will have to rely on God to bring them the financial resources that will be necessary to bring her home. They greatly appreciate your prayerful consideration of a tax-deductible donation to their fund. Your prayers, thoughts, and support are appreciated as they continue their adoption journey.

7/23/2019 — FINAL TRIP in SEPT

$5,804.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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