FAITH ANN for the Lee family — CO

David and I (Stephanie) met on Mother’s Day 2002. I knew immediately that we would marry! Four months after meeting, we starting dating and three months later, we were engage. Four months after engagement, we were married. We knew we wanted kids and adoption was always something we thought about. I got pregnant in 2005, but lost the baby early on. A month later I was pregnant and in April 2006, Isabella was born. 13 months later, I was pregnant again, but lost the baby at 12 weeks. This was devastating to us, and after 4 years hoping for pregnancy, we decided we ought to look into international adoption. A few days after meeting with an adoption agency, we found out that we were expecting. So, adoption was put on hold.

For 7 years we thought our family was complete, but last year, God put adoption on our heart again, this time, via Foster Care. We became a licensed foster family in November of 2017. Oddly enough, we never had a foster child placed with us! I believe God was simply preparing us for what was to come. In February 2018, a friend on Facebook shared the picture of Faith Ann. Immediately, we loved her! WE asked our kids what they thought and the excitement was our answer. Izzy (12) and Elijah (8) can hardly wait to meet their sister! It has been a big leap of faith for us in so many ways, but God has been increasing our faith through this. Faith Ann’s name is so perfect! She is already growing us in so many wonderful ways!


Faith Ann has received a $25,115.20 Waiting Child Grant.
The Lee family is fully funded, with Faith Ann’s generous grant!