TALLULAH for the Keim family — NE

Rodney and Alisha Keim live in a small Nebraska community with their children, Josiah, Selah, and Jeremiah, where Rodney runs a small brewpub and Alisha teaches dance. They have always planned to grow their family through adoption. They first found and fell in love with Tallulah after seeing a Facebook post linking to her Reece’s Rainbow profile, and immediately began the process of adopting her in December of 2017…though they had been praying for her long before they knew her face.

The Keims are humbled and honored and amazed that of all the people in the world God could choose to bless with the treasure of this little girl’s soul, he chose them. They are now asking for your help in bringing her home. The first time they adopted internationally, they had saved up for years before beginning the process. This time, they jumped in…trusting God would provide. Please consider sharing the financial burden of adoption by donating today!

4/12/2019 — TRAVELING APRIL 29

$4,746.10 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Tallulah has received a $4,360.59 Waiting Child Grant.