GIANNA and ABIGAYLE for the Hawkins family — ID

The Hawkins family came across Reece’s Rainbow a few years ago, and started doing some research on international special needs adoption. This was the first time the orphan crisis became real to them, this was the first they saw these children being abandoned, starved and neglected. They knew they couldn’t fix this problem but they sure could do something. They adopted two little boys with Down syndrome later that year from Ukraine and then went back a year later for another little boy with Down syndrome who was also in Ukraine. These three boys have changed their lives and changed the way the see the world. Small things are big things and love is unbridled and joy is never ending… They only wish everyone could experience life as they do.

When Nate and Savannah visited the orphanage on their last adoption, they drove away for the final time to orphans calling “mama!” “Papa!” and following the car, waving goodbye. Tears streamed down their faces and they vowed they’d never stop doing something. Whether that means advocating, praying, helping other adoptive families or actually adoption again.

The time has come for them to go back to Eastern Europe, where they feel led to adopt and bring home a sweet little girl(s) who can and will no longer be an orphan.  Will you help the Hawkins family by donating and praying for them to get to Eastern Europe quickly and have the finances quickly as well?

Update: The Hawkins family will be bringing home two beautiful daughters; they have added Sloane to their adoption!

12/6/2018 — APPT on DEC 12

$19,258.06 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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