CADENCE for the Bowles family — VA

ln October of 2007, Ronnie, a single dad of 3 girls, and Vivian, a single mom of 2 girls began a new adventure together as one family. 2 more baby girls were added to the mix; one in 2008 and the other in 2012. Children that were not being raised in a family had been on Vivian’s heart since she was a small child and in 2014 her childhood dream of growing a family through adoption was realized when they brought home their first son and 2 more daughters from Eastern Europe. Then in 2017 God sent them a super sweet baby boy bringing their total to 9 daughters and 2 sons.

While still pregnant with their baby boy Ronnie expressed to Vivian that he was open to adopting again. She was not but was willing to pray. Over the next few weeks God wrecked her heart for children with special needs who were being raised in institutions. That fall she came across a blog post of a family who had met Cadence and were hoping to help find her a family. And slowly over the fall and winter God changed her no to a yes.

Ronnie and Vivian and their children are excited to bring Cadence home and watch God’s plan to give her a hope and a future unfold. They are both humbled and grateful for any who come alongside them in their journey.

3/1/2019 — COURT on MARCH 19

$3,013.79 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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