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Cassidy and Amanda have always had a special place in their hearts for adoptive families, and have discussed “what could be” since they were dating. they’ve always marveled at the idea of providing love, structure, safety and opportunity for a child whose story may not have involved these precious and sacred things.

When they were pregnant with Jane (3yo, their youngest) they decided that due to Amanda’s consistent health related pregnancy difficulties, and the evident worsening circumstances with Jane’s complications, they were done having babies — they were at peace with this! However, the lord had other ideas.. Just minutes after Jane was born, as the NICU team was trying to stabilize her, Amanda had the strongest impression that their family simply was not complete. She even partially expressed these thoughts to Cassidy, literally as Jane was trying to find her first breaths.

Since that day, they’ve wrestled with the idea of expanding their family. How? …Amanda’s body cannot hold up? What? …these promptings and impressions would come and go, but their persistence was ever so consistent. Who? …they’ve always slightly toyed with the idea of adopting an infant … When? …they’re getting older, and lives are hectic! At long last, they decided this past year that they needed to ponder deeply, pray with great intent, and finally come to a final decision..

In going through this process over several months, they experienced some of the most unforseen experiences they ever could have imagined. The process began with a half hearted decision to be finished having babies, but it became clear that they needed to put much more effort into finding answers, as they were still emotionally unsettled. As they continued to navigate the pursuit of answers, they were seemingly being blessed with new knowledge and new people in their lives which allowed for broadened perspective and realities.

Cassidy and Amanda are in the process of adopting the most precious little girl. She currently resides (in wait) in an orphanage. She is 3 years old, and she has Down Syndrome. She was born in June of 2014, and matter of factly, the same month they lost (what would have been) their third child. They “committed” to her the week of Thanksgiving, and received Pre-Approval to move forward with the adoption on December 1st. they already have a connection with her that is undeniable and quite prominent in their home.  They have a goal to bring her home to her forever family before Christmas of 2018 and appreciate everyone’s support from the bottom of their hearts!

“I don’t care what your problem is, where you came from, what your background is, what your beliefs are, man LOVE conquers all.” -Dabo Sweeney

7/18/2018 — DOSSIER EN ROUTE

$11,594.89 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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