ZADOCK for the Clark family — UT

Nicole and Jeremy are excited to announce the adoption of their fourth son from Bulgaria! Alex (7) came home from Bulgaria in July 2014. Then, in August 2016, they brought Jon (6) and David (5) home. Soon they will get to add their youngest (4) to the pack. Nicole stays home with the boys while Jeremy works as a Middle School teacher, swim coach and CrossFit coach.

The Clarks are adopting, not because it’s an especially convenient time or because they are looking for more to fill their plate. They’re adopting because when they happened to see this little guy’s profile on an adoption site, and recognized him from their son David’s orphanage, they simply couldn’t turn away. Adoption, when it’s a little bit of a stretch, is such a vivid picture of the way God loves and rescues his children. Nicole and Jeremy are humbled to get to show off God’s lavish love in their own small way.

Of course, they cannot do it alone! They are so grateful for the support they’ve received in the past and even now through the love and generosity of others. As they prepare their home and hearts for their fourth, consider giving to help get him here as soon as possible!

10/30/2018 — COURT PASSED