Logan for the Ford family — GA

Chet and Nicole have been married for 20 years. They struggled through infertility for several years and then suffered the loss of their pregnancy of twin boys, Will & Ches. They now have 5 biological children. Jordan (25), Liam (15), Gavin (13), Caris (11) and Wurth (7). Chet & Nicole had a niece born in 2014 with Down Syndrome. They started running for RODS Racing after that. Nicole saw Logan’s picture needing his forever home. She knew he was perfect for their family. Chet and Nicole both work as Nurse Practitioners. They travel on mission trips at least once a year and are very familiar with what life looks like in an orphanage. They are very excited about bringing Logan home to his forever family.

8/6/2018 — LOA RECEIVED

$853.38 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Logan has received a $14,321 Waiting Child Grant.