DARIA for the Petrich family — VA

Their first experience with orphans came through a mutual friendship with two amazing people. David and Jane Daulton, heroes in the faith who have been serving orphans overseas forever. (not to mention adopting as many children as they can get their hands on) They invited both Kurt, Cyndi and Christella to join them on a missions trip to serve special needs orphans in the summer of 2015.

Kurt and Cyndi fell in love on the mission field. Both were widows. Cyndi and her daughter Christella took a giant leap of faith by saying yes to a mission’s trip to serve orphans overseas.They were not there 48 hours and they both knew God was calling them to the orphans.

Kurt was planning a trip to Nepal, to serve disabled orphans when God changed his plans and rerouted him to join the same missions trip with David and Jane. The three of their paths crossed (Kurt, Cyndi, and Christella) and they immediately bonded with each other, and their hearts were on one accord for these precious lost children.

Kurt and Cyndi were married October 2015 and in the two years since, they have made 5 trips back to the mission field to minister to the orphan children. They are presently working to help these beautiful children find forever loving family’s and to help forge a new plan that would end institutionalized care for them in this country.

During their journey they met a sweet brown eyed little girl who stole their hearts. This beautiful child desperately needs American medicine and a whole lot of love. We can’t wait for the Lord to bring her home and make her a forever part of our family.

6/19/2018 — APPT DATE of JUNE 26

$2,006.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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