Pete and Kim have been married for 19 years. The have dealt with the pain and sorrow of miscarriages and have also gotten to experience the exquisite joy and blessing of three precious children by birth. They knew that the pain and sorrow they’d experienced was not meaningless. It was a catalyst for love. God had burdened their hearts for children who were experiencing a pain and sorrow far worse; one they should never, ever have to endure. A life without a family.

Two years ago, Pete and Kim adopted their two youngest children from Asia. What they saw and experienced in the orphanages they visited there changed them forever. There were so many children. Too many. As they adjusted to life as a family of seven and helped their newly adopted children settle in, Kim was advocating for some of the children left behind. Face after face, vying for attention, all in desperate need. In April 2017, Peter returned to Asia to spend time with some of those children in a care center where their youngest daughter had once lived. There he met many children, but one stood out: a 5-year-old little girl with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and the brightest smile you’ve ever seen, one of the children Kim had been advocating for over the past several months. He knew right away that she should join their family, but he didn’t want Kim to hear that from him. He wanted Kim to know that for herself. So he returned home and decided to pray about it. He asked God to make it clear. If they were to adopt this little girl, that Kim would not be able to stop thinking about her and, specifically, that Kim would be the one to bring up the possibility of adopting her. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Kim could not get the little girl with the sunshine smile out of her mind. She thought about her so frequently that, frankly, it was getting ridiculous! So she called their old adoption agency and asked if her file was still available. It was, and she had it in her email inbox in under ten minutes. She read it and the tears started to flow. This was their daughter!!! She found Pete in the barn and told him what she had done. He smiled and told her about his prayer. They formally began Little Miss Sunshine’s adoption process that night.

Pete and Kim are very excited to welcome home their Sunshine girl, Savannah! As their family travels this journey, they invite you to partner with them in prayer and support of the children who wait. Because no one should face life alone.


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