TATE for the Wilkinson family — KS

The Wilkinsons have been in the process to adopt for a little over a year. Jeremy is enlisted in the US Army and Elizabeth works PRN as an occupational therapy assistant. Through the week, Elizabeth homeschools their children and Jeremy has formerly coached the girls’ soccer team and helped with their son’s football team. Through the process they have felt called to adopt a child with down syndrome. They have 2 daughters, ages 6 & 7, and a son who is 14. When things weren’t proceeding through domestic/foster care, they decided to look into international adoption. They received a profile on their little guy but decided to hold off until funds were available. Finally, they were able to move forward and found his file on Reece’s Rainbow! Their entire family is over-joyed at the thought of bringing him home as soon as possible!!


$5,363.75 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Tate has received a $3,995.28 Waiting Child Grant.