MICK for the Busler family — TN

Forrest and Valerie’s journey toward adopting a child with Down syndrome started in May of 2014, while they were at the beach with family. In a still, quiet moment, as the sun was setting and the waves were lapping at the seashore, a vague perception came to Valerie that she might someday adopt a child with special needs. Forrest and Valerie were not at the time ready to act on the “message”, but thinking it might be from God, they held the moment and tucked it away for safekeeping.

In the subsequent months, they became involved in the life of an adult friend who has an intellectual disability, has limited family support, and is full of great joy and the love of God. While caring for this friend, he began to refer to Valerie as his “play mom” and Forrest as his “play dad”. Becoming surrogate parents for this friend with special needs made Forrest and Valerie’s thoughts turn toward adoption, and, at the same time, they felt a tug on their hearts to learn more about Down syndrome.

Over the course of many months, they found books to read, watched movies, and gathered information from the internet pertaining to Down syndrome. In early 2016, they found Reece’s Rainbow and were excited to learn about an organization devoted to raising awareness of and grant money for adoptions of children with Down syndrome. Through Reece’s Rainbow, they found out about a then two year-old little boy, “Mick”, who loves music and enjoys dancing and riding his rocking horse; he touched their hearts powerfully.

Shortly thereafter, Forrest and Valerie committed to pursuing adoption of Mick. Forrest and Valerie traveled to Mick’s home country in July 2017 to register for his adoption and to meet their future son. That was a joyful event, and they eagerly hope to return to finalize the adoption and bring Mick home in late 2017 or early 2018.


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