GABRIELLA for the Owens family — AL

I wanted to introduce myself and my family to this new community we have been recommended to join!

I am Amy, my husband is Benjamin, and we have two little girls. Lily has been home from Asia since October 2013 and she is 4 years old and our other little girl, Gabriella, is waiting for us in Asia, we are praying her home by February or March 2018. Both our little girls have a very rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or more commonly known as brittle bones. Their bones may break but their spirits are unbreakable!

Since May 2015, we have been trying to get Gabriella’s file but through various reasons, outside of our control, we could never get her file. Lots of hope, waiting, praying, and heartbreak. But now, joy, blessings, miracles, and answered prayers. We have been given this incredible privilege after over two years of trying and waiting to officially pursue Gabriella and make her our daughter! Our family is so thankful for this wonderful gift of adoption.

We welcome you to follow along on our journey to reach Gabriella!

3/16/2018 — TA RECEIVED
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