CODY for the Nowrey family — NJ

Billy and Catrina have been married for 9 years, and are both deaf.  They struggled with pregnancy, but failed twice. Catrina’s dream has always been to adopt a child from China. God gave them a beautiful plan! They have a beautiful daughter from China, named Ramona, and she is deaf like her parents. Ramona is 6 years old, was adopted last year in May 2016. Ramona is learning sign language so quickly!

They want to adopt another child but were waiting until the right time. Ramona learned about families at school, and one days she came home and told us that she wants a sister or brother! They agreed that Ramona is ready to have a sibling, and they searched for a few months. Finally, God gave them another plan, to have a SON! They are honored to give him the name of Cody. Cody is 5 years old and deaf. Ramona is very excited and can’t wait to play with her new brother sometime next year. Billy and Catrina can’t wait to have another child in their arms and together forever!

10/5/2018 — TRAVELING OCT 17
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