NOLAN +1 for the Davis family — LA

Growing up as Military Brats, Gary and Denise traveled alot. During the summer of 1968 both their fathers were stationed in England where they quickly became childhood best friends. And as time passed they became both teenagers and child hood sweet hearts. In the year of 1974 they both graduated high school. Gary went into the military to served his country and Dee went to college to become a teacher of aesthetics. Twenty years had passed and they lost touch with one another. But through a Leap of Faith they met again in 1992 . Never did they forgot their first love to one another and without hesitating they married.

Since they both loved to travel they decided to traveled to Eastern Europe where they decided to visit Ukraine. This is where they grew to love Ukraine, the culture and it’s people. Both Gary and Dee were blessed to meet so many loving orphan children. Soon in their hearts they knew they wanted to adopt one of these precious children. And they began the long process of adopting. In 2000 and with paperwork in hand they traveled to Ukraine where they brought home their daughter Makayla and two years later their son Patrick.

Time passed quickly and through the help of Reece’s Rainbow the Davis family traveled to Bulgaria to adopt their daughter Sarah Christiana “Chrissie”. Then two years later back to Bulgaria to adopt Gennie and Jake. Both children very fragile and weak little Gennie passed shortly after arriving to the US of Cystic Fibrosis complications of heart failure. Knowing in their hearts they had love for other little ones they decided once again through Reece’s Rainbow their hearts where lead to adopt Katya and Poppy in 2015.

And once again through Reece’s Rainbow the Davis Family committed to Clyde July of 2017. But unfortunately Clyde became unavailable for adoption October 2018. Heart broken with the loss of being able to adopt Clyde and with their paperwork in country. The Davis family decided to adopt two more children. The Davis family will be receiving a travel date shortly and will be traveling during the holidays.

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Clyde has received a $10,252.44 Waiting Child Grant — now gifted to the additional child the Davis family is adopting.
Nolan has a grant of $19,597.50 available towards the cost of his adoption!