CLARENCE and ARIA for the Dale family — ID

 photo fwbutton150.png40929163700 (2)As a family, Jonathan and Laura Dale have a unique set of skills. The Dales were blessed with two biological children, the 2nd of which was born with severe medical complications and mental delays. It was a privilege they were able to enjoy for 12 short years before their daughter passed away from these chronic issues. During this time they also were foster parents to several long term placements and eventually adopted two more children. Again, one a typical, thriving child and one medically complex. In their 21 years of marriage they have learned so much about how to be parents of children with severe trauma and medical issues that it has become their families “normal”.

In January 2017 they saw “Clarence” on a You-Tube video, a little boy in Eastern Europe, who has significant medical needs and has been in institutionalized care his entire life. Laura was smitten and soon Jonathan was on board too! Shortly upon actively starting the adoption process for him, they were introduced to “Aria” a little girl in another region in the same country. Jonathan immediately “claimed” her as his. Laura’s heart followed as well. Their family has decided that both of these children are to be a part of their forever family. Their older boys are on board and excited to meet their soon-to-be siblings.

Being patient and handling “red-tape” is not a concern for this family – it is money that is the greater challenge. Jonathan works three jobs (handyman, mechanic, farm hand) and Laura works from home 40-60 hours a week making baby items and selling them online or at farmers markets. They have also started working every weekend selling hard scooped ice cream at local events to add to their adoption funds. This process is long and tedious.

Adopting two children, from two different regions is incredibly expensive. It is a financial hurdle that can be very frightening. The Dales are up for this challenge and are committed to seeing these adoption through.

If you are willing or able to help them with the financial burden of saving this 4 year old boy and 9 year old girl from living the remaining part of their lives in a crib, this family would be forever grateful!


The Dale family has a new matching grant of $500!  When their FSP reaches $30,288, they will receive another $500!

$34,618.44 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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