PIERCE for the Phelps family — OR

Mike and Rebecca, along with their 6 children, are eager to bring their sweet boy home soon! The Phelps family began their journey into the world of adoption back in 2008 when the original five traveled to meet Maylee for the first time. Since that time, the Phelps family has added Sam David and Emma Clair to their growing family.

Rebecca and the kids recently spent some time volunteering in Southern Asia. They were able to be a part of an incredible organization and help to open and oversee the day to day operations of a foster home for babies with Down syndrome. It was during this time, that God began to put a special boy on their hearts. It first started with Maylee feeling the call to add a little brother to their family. Soon, everyone else was on board and eager to start the process of bringing sweet “Pierce” home.

Would you be willing to partner with the Phelps family as they journey to Asia once again and add this precious baby boy to their family?

1/8/2018 — LOA RECEIVED

$1,628.40 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Pierce has received a $79.50 Waiting Child Grant.