DWIGHT for the Kincinas family — IL

John and Sheryl met 16 years ago while working at an agency that provides supports for adults with intellectual disabilities. They were married five years later, while continuing to work at the same agency. They had always planned on adopting a child with Down syndrome, but their prayers were answered, and a lot of money was saved, when their second biological child, Remy, was born with Down syndrome. Sadly, Remy passed away tragically shortly after his fourth birthday.

Sheryl and John reconvened to see if adopting a child with Down syndrome was still in their hearts. After talking with their two young children, they decided that, yes, they would step out in faith and trust and begin the process to open their home to another child with Down syndrome.

As soon as Sheryl and John saw Dwight’s picture, they knew he was their son. During the waiting process, the whole family is passing the time enjoying learning about his culture, history, foods and holidays. They’re eagerly anticipating flying to Asia late Fall to bring their newest family member HOME!


$10,386.35 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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