3 Siblings for the Baerbock family — MN

 photo fwbutton150.pngMatt and Sara have been married for 15 years and have 7 children, 2 of them adopted from Ukraine. Shortly after their 5th child was born, they saw a photo on the Reece’s Rainbow website of a young girl who looked like she could be their daughter. They began the adoption process, and God richly blessed their journey and unique way of adding to their family. They also brought home a young son that year. The transition has gone well overall and both kids are absolutely amazing! They are so loving, and the family cannot imagine life without them. Looking back, it feels like they have always been with them. Their other children have been very supportive and also want to adopt someday.

Fast forward to 2017. Matt and Sara have never stopped thinking about adoption and whether adopting again would be right for them. Would they still be supported if adding to their family again? After all, even 7 children is far past the national average in America. Would others understand the great need that is out there? After a recent road trip with much time to think, they saw two boys newly listed on the Reece’s Rainbow website and decided to follow their hearts and step forward in faith once again. It truly felt like their family was not yet complete and that adoption would grow their family yet again.

One evening, their oldest daughter also asked for the Reece’s Rainbow website address and began looking through photos of waiting girls. She brought a few to Mom and Dad’s attention, and soon 3 of the girls were looking at profiles together. As a result, the family also hopes to bring home an older daughter if it is God’s will. Altogether, it would even out the kids – 5 girls and 5 boys.

In addition to road trips across the US and Canada, the Baerbock family enjoys nature walks, family movie nights, and trips to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and State Fair. They are also involved in their church through Sunday School and the church council. The girls enjoy track and gymnastics, and one daughter has even made it onto the local gymnastics team!

The family would be honored and humbled by your support and encouragement to help bring their children home. Please pray for them that all may go smoothly. You can follow their journey at their blog: www.postzero.com/adoption_journey


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