A “butterfly child” for the Dellicker family — NC

Laura is a clinical social worker, founder of a nonprofit called EB Promise that advocates for orphans with EB, and a fierce EB advocate. EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) is a rare genetic skin disorder in which any sort of friction against the skin causes the skin to blister or tear off completely. Things like seams of clothing, rubbing eyes, brushing teeth and other simple daily tasks we take for granted can cause pain and harm to individuals living with EB. Many people with EB have open wounds all over their bodies, wear bandages from head to toe, and endure painful dressing changes that can last several hours. Infections can be extremely dangerous. If all that weren’t enough, EB also affects people internally. Children with EB are often referred to as “Butterfly Children” because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. EB became a part of Laura’s life in 2009 when her friend’s son Jonah was born with EB and it has since become her life’s passion and work.

We could go on and on about how Jonah and EB has impacted Laura’s life, but it is much shorter to say this: There is only one explanation of why her life has been so impacted by Jonah and EB, and that is Jesus. There is no earthly reason why she should care so much about EB – a disorder that has no direct impact on her life or the lives of any of her family members. But God put EB on her heart and it’s changed the path of her career, her life’s work, and the call on her life. She has known for years that God was calling her to adopt a child with EB, and she is excited to say that the time has finally come!

Laura is adopting “Butterfly S”, a three year old little boy with EB. Although he receives better care than most orphans with EB, he is still desperately in need of advanced medical care and mother’s love at home.

You can follow Laura’s adoption journey at her blog www.adoptingabutterfly.wordpress.com

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