EVITA for the Berna family — OH

Josh and Devin have been married for 10 years, and have 3 biological children. While never truly struggling with infertility, they have experienced the pain and loss of miscarriage, and the stillbirth of one of their sons. They cherish the precious lives of each of their children and are grateful for every child they have had under their roof! Josh and Devin became therapeutic foster parents 2 year ago and have had experience with many physical, mental, and emotional needs. Devin has wanted to adopt since she was very young, and Josh has personal experience with adoption in his family, so they were excited when they were finally in a position to adopt after Josh’s time in the military and college. After working with special needs through foster care and their own children, there was no question that Josh and Devin wanted to adopt a child with special needs…specifically Down Syndrome.

They fell in love with this precious little girl, and have enjoyed learning as much as they can about her country and culture. They can’t wait to finally meet “Evita”! Because of the special needs in the family, they are planning to stay together as much as possible during the long “pick-up” trip, which of course only adds to the already numerous expenses. There have already been several delays that have been discouraging, but they know their daughter is absolutely worth the wait, the fight, and the commitment it will take to bring her home.


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