NATHAN for the Etter family — NJ

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Justin and Tara have a heart for adoption. They recently spent over 18 months in the process of adopting little “Jenny” from Eastern Europe. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for Jenny!) a local foster family with intentions of adopting her stepped forward at the last minute and she was no longer available for international adoption. While heartbroken, the Etters knew they had not yet reached the end of their adoption journey.

When Nathan’s file came into their hands, they prayed for God’s direction. They had been hoping for a little girl, and Nathan’s diagnosis wasn’t quite what they had prepared for. Regardless, they felt confident that God was telling them to pursue little Nathan, and now they already see him as part of their family and pray for him every night with their 3 year old biological daughter, Vivien who will be his artificial twin! Their “Journey to Jenny” ultimately led them to Nathan – and maybe that was God’s plan from the beginning!

Please follow the family’s journey on their blog:

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Nathan has received a $468 Waiting Child Grant.