BRUCE +1 for the Ramirez family — NC

Robert and Louisa have been married for twenty-three years. They are the parents of five children, all through the blessings of adoption.

While traveling to Russia, Guatemala and Ukraine,  Robert and Louisa saw the unforgettable faces of children in orphanages they had to leave behind. They witnessed the heartache and misery that comes from growing up without the care of loving parents and living in austere conditions.   As Roman Catholics, they believe in the sanctity of every human life.

It was through Reece’s Rainbow they learned about children with special needs needing families. In 2013, they welcomed home a baby girl with Down Syndrome.  Being older parents, they thought their family was complete.  But, God helped them to trust in His plan.  One day, a little boy caught their eye.  Something about him spoke to their hearts.  He was three-years old and still waiting for his forever family.  They knew right away they wanted him.  After many prayers they decided to say, “Yes!”

Robert and Louisa want to thank their family and friends that have loved and supported them over the years. Most of all, they want to thank Jesus Christ for His sacrifice on the cross.  It would mean so much if you would pray for Bruce and the Ramirez Family. Reece’s Rainbow is so worthy of any support you can give.


$2,555.96 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Bruce has received a $1986.69 Waiting Child Grant.